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My Dear CPA Colleague:

You have studied and worked so hard to earn your CPA designation, there is no reason why you should not expect a reward for your and your family’s sacrifice and make your CPA designation work for you.

At Tang & Partners LLP, we have 3 programs in place, to make your CPA designation work for you.

They are (1) Referrer (2) Associate and (3) Partnership programs.

You are always surrounded by people and businesses that need a trusted tax accountant, or auditor for their businesses. As a CPA, they will ask if you or someone that you know, can help them, with their tax, assurance or accounting needs.

At Tang & Partners LLP, we are a strong believer in the high standards and ongoing professional development required by CPA Ontario, that is why we share our knowledge and experience by delivering business and tax seminars that are of values to our CPA Colleagues and clients. For more information about our firm, please visit or please feel free to contact our Manager of Business Development, Bob Heimler at or call 416-987-6005 x 290 for any questions you may have.


Once we have earned your trust, your referral of our services will be rewarded with a commission of 20% on the first year’s engagements. For example,

AVERAGE  FEE $ 15,000 $ 7,500 $ 3,000 $ 5,000
REFERRAL FEE – 20% FIRST YEAR $ 3,000 $ 1,500 $ 600 $ 1,000



Tang & Partners LLP also offers working opportunities through our Associate or Partnership program. Both programs allow you to be an independent public practitioner, you will be trained with all of the software and tools, compilation engagement and be able to access all of these resources and serve our clients directly from home.


You will be initially offered as an Associate for all CPA in good standing with CPA Ontario, the Partnership program is offered only to selected group of Associates, after certain qualifications and conditions are met.

To sign for our Referrer or Associate Program, simply complete and submit our online contact form at the bottom of this page. Our Manager of Business Development, Bob Heimler, will contact you and forward to you with all required documents, to get you started.

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Thomas was referred to me by another accountant who I respect to help us out with our two business’s. Thomas and his team is very professional, reliable and is able to scale his services for both small and larger business’s. His team also has the ability to deal with US taxes and tax laws. I appreciate Thomas’s support and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring affordable and professional accounting services.

Richard Smith

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