Test 1

Engagement_Representation_T1_LetterWe strongly prefer that you send us electronic versions of certain forms in Excel. They are the T776, T777, and T2125. Please email these forms to info@charteredtax.ca

Important for your T1

Client Letter (PDF format): Letter to our personal clients.

Personal Tax Return Checklist (PDF format): This checklist must be completed and sent with your signed engagement letter.

Engagement Personal Tax Letter (PDF format): This letter must be signed and sent with your tax information.

T1013 Authorizing a Representative (PDF format): This form should only be submitted if you are a new client and would like to authorize the CRA to deal with us as your representative for income tax matters. You will need to complete both parts 1 and 5 prior to submitting it to us.

Self-Employed T1 Form

Professional Income (T2125) and Business Income (T2125) (Excel format): Required to report you self-employed income/business activities for the year including home-office and auto expenses.

General T1 Forms 

Capital Gains and Losses (Excel format): If you have capital gains from portfolio investments, qualified small business corporate shares, real estate or other properties, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, etc.

Rental Property Income (T776) (Excel format): Applicable if you have rental properties. Do not use for home-office expenses. Self employed individuals should put home office information on the T2125 and employees on the T777. If you do not have Excel click T776 to open in PDF format.

Employment Expenses Information (T777) and Auto Expenses (T777) (Excel format): Applicable if you have employment expenses such as home office, auto expenses, entertainment, etc. Do not use this if you are self-employed (signed T2200 form required). If you do not have Excel click T777 and T777 Auto to open in PDF format.

Declaration of Conditions of Employment T2200 (PDF format): Required for T777 schedule above.

Tuition Form T2202 (PDF format): Applicable if you have taken any courses at post-secondary institutions during the year.

Tuition (Foreign) TL11A (PDF format): Applicable if you have taken any courses at foreign post-secondary institutions during the year.

Moving Expenses T1-M (PDF format): Applicable if you moved for work or educational reasons you may claim your moving expenses.

Medical Expense Deductions (Excel format): This is available in PDF as well Click here.

How to send us forms:

Excel files: Please click on link and then click on “Save as” when prompted. Enter information in the file and save it. After this, please e-mail the Excel file as an attachment to info@charteredtax.ca