Audit & Assurance

With a constantly evolving market, both management and the board need assurance on the reliability of their financial information, which is fundamental in establishing the confidence of various stakeholders. That’s where Thomas Tang, Professional Corporation comes in—obtaining that assurance requires a firm that can achieve the highest levels of quality and insight in the audit while providing an enlightened perspective on your business

Which Type of Assurance Do You Need?

External Audit


Organizations are aware that an external audit is not limited to the review of the financial statements of their businesses and that not all independent accounting firms offer the same range of services.

Thomas Tang, Professional Corporation, efficiently services small, medium and large businesses, and our fees are proportionate to the benefit received from these services.

An audit performed by Thomas Tang, Professional Corporation is supported by our thorough knowledge of the industry in which the client operates and by our broad experience and network of global experts.

The objective of a financial audit performed by Thomas Tang, Professional Corporation goes beyond the review of financial statements.

Our audit opinion keeps the Board of Directors, management, shareholders and stakeholders informed of the company’s equity and financial position, as well as its operations and organizational structure for better control and safekeeping of assets.

As part of our services, we continuously communicate with upper management to timely identify matters that might affect the company’s financial position or control over its operations.

We also provide our experience to address problems and deviations identified within our traditional framework of confidentiality.

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IT Audit, Governance and Security

  • Developments in Corporate Risk and IT Governance: The IT Risks Boards Need to Hear About
  • Measuring Risks to Recovery in IT: Are we Asleep at the Wheel?
  • Understanding and Managing Cybersecurity Risk
  • The Internet of Everything: Security Concerns and Audit Challenges with the Future State of Integrated Security
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Trends in Vendor Risk Management/Governance
  • Star Wars, Regulatory Expectations and the Emergence of the Next Generation IT Audit Function: Maintaining and Effective Third Line of Defence
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A review of financial statements consists primarily of inquiry, analytical procedures and discussion related to information supplied to the public accountant by the client. The public accountant assesses whether the financial statements or other financial information being reported on is plausible, that is worthy of belief. These procedures are not sufficient to provide assurance that undetected fraud or error does not exist.  A review is less in scope than an audit and provides a lesser level of assurance than an audit. A review does not constitute an audit and, consequently, an audit opinion is not expressed on the financial statements.

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Thomas Tang, Professional Corporation is a Public Accounting firm licensed by the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, to perform Audit and Assurance Services.